Ezequiel Farca


Creative Director & CEO of the design firm EzequielFarca located in Mexico City. Born in Mexico City in 1967, he began his career at the Universidad Iberoamericana in the same city and got a Degree in Industrial Design (1988-1991).

The Western Washington University in Washington State granted him a scholarship to continue his Specialization Studies in Industrial Design (1991-1992). Ezequiel Farca obtained a Masters Degree in Grand Scale Architecture and Other Environments at the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain. He is cur- rently studying an MBA in UCLA, in Los Angeles. In 1995, Ezequiel opened his first design studio and a few years later, a furniture showroom in the heart of Polanco.

Today, his offices located in Santa Fe, consist of 30 people who are developing projects, ranging from interior design to end products. He has received more than 35 distinctions and awards, both in Mexico and abroad and has designed more than 50 interior design projects, with some of the most well-known Mexican architects, such as Enrique Norten, Teodoro González de León, Miguel Angel Aragones among others, as well as high profile products and environments for clients like José Cuervo, Stanza, Vitromex, Comex, Janus et Cie, Nouvel Studio, Aeromexico, to mention a few.