Ignacio Cadena


Hermosillo, Sonora. 1967. Studied Architecture at ITESM (Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Monterrey) and earned his master degree in Architectural Design at Sci-Arc (Southern California In- stitute of Architecture).

His work explores the boundaries of contact be- tween art and science, while represents visual concepts extracted from urban environments and modern media.

He works methodically but in an intuitive way to get rid of premature judgments and thus focus their sensitivity, process in which chance and accident-premeditated-play a role in their creations.

His practice is an ongoing exploration that begins at create Yspania® in 1992 in Los Angeles California, a visual research laboratory that later would move to the city of Monterrey, NL., currently named Cadena+Assocbranding ®, it evolved to be a developer workshop with holistic concepts for brands and projects which are involved with different disciplines such as interior design, marketing, graphic design, visual arts, film, video, architecture, communication, industrial design and photography.